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The AP cabinet has a flexibility making it possible to customize the solution to any customer demand. Some examples of what type of cabinets we can deliver are:

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Many doors, separate rooms
  • Doors in front and back


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A flexible construction opens for customised solutions, and provides freedom for the customers to choose the most efficient solution for their application. A wide range of accessories can be delivered, such as fixed and swing 19” frames, windows, sockets, cable in/outlets, shelves etc.

The AP cabinet can be delivered in the following dimensions Width: from 260 to 2000 mm. Height: from 260 to 2100 mm. Depth: 75, 100, 150, 200, 230, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 or 600 mm.

The doors can be opened 120º . The sealing gasket is placed in the doorframe. Large doors are reinforced with profiles welded on the inside. These profiles make it possible to mount equipment on the inside of the door. The doors are hinged on the right side with solid aluminium hinges. The hinges can easily be moved to the left side if this is required.

Swivel lock with 6 mm square key is the standard. Other locks on request. The cabients have four holes in the back of the sideprofiles for mounting on wall or use of wall brackets (N568). These brackets are delivered separately.

The cabinets are pre-treated and powder painted with RAL 7032, pebble grey. Other colours on request. The backplate is not painted unless specified.

The cabinets have protection degree IP54. Optional IP66. Max dimension IP66, WxH=800×1200 mm.

EMC delivered upon request.

The AP cabinet is tested and approved according to EN 60 439.


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The AP cabinet is used in a wide range of applications, and is suitable for electrotechnical installations of all kinds.


utendørs-skap-aluminium-kapslingutendørs-skap-aluminium-enclosure-veggutendørs-skap-aluminium-enclosure-veggOutdoor-aluminum-kabinet-enclosureutendørs-skap-aluminiumOutdoor-aluminum-kabinet-enclosureutendørs-skap-aluminium-kapslingutendørs-veiskap-trafikkskap-aluminium-utendørskaiskap-aluminium-vei-trafikk-ip66monteringsplate AP

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Examples of applications

  • ALX trafo dobeltvegget aluminiumsskap
  • ALX-2000 dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap
  • ALXtrafo400Vb
  • Aluminiums skap Kai strømstyring Hydal2
  • BergenFestplassene dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskapl
  • Brannskap tunnel Innfelt aluminium skap
  • HMS skap dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap hydal ALX 2000
  • dobbel veggede aluminiums skap helikopter løfte
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap ALX 2000 Værnes Flyplass Monitorer
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap bergen grønt
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap bergen
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap brann skap pulver slukke tunnel
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap kai blå prominade
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap stolpe mast

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