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To paint aluminium is a demanding process. To achieve the best result the pre-treatment needs to be first class. Hydal AS has many years experience with pre-treatment and painting of aluminium. At the same time we take care of the environment by using Eclps as our pre-treatment method.



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Dipping process, customized for aluminium, following steps:

-degreasing 60 degrees alficlean, 10 minutes

-beis/candoets, pH 12-14, 2 minutes

-de-oksiding, pH 1, 10 minutes

-e-clps, pH 3, 1 minut

-drying, warm air, 80 degrees, 15 minutes


Polyester powder paint, electrostatpistol, colour RAL XXXX

Heating/burning: 200 degrees


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In our pre-treatment and painting factory we can deliver our cabinets in all RAL-colours available.  We also paint aluminium for several other companies, where the demands for high quality and long lasting surfaces are needed.


lakk spesialRAL kartutendørs-skap-aluminium-enclosure-doubblewallSokkel-nedgravbar-aluminium-skap-udendørsOutdoor-aluminum-kabinet-enclosureutendørs-aluminiumsskap-hydal-ip66-miljø-tøftVi er stolt over å være en grønn bedrift med nullutslipp.

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Examples of applications

  • ALX trafo dobeltvegget aluminiumsskap
  • ALX-2000 dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap
  • ALXtrafo400Vb
  • Aluminiums skap Kai strømstyring Hydal2
  • BergenFestplassene dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskapl
  • Brannskap tunnel Innfelt aluminium skap
  • HMS skap dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap hydal ALX 2000
  • dobbel veggede aluminiums skap helikopter løfte
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap ALX 2000 Værnes Flyplass Monitorer
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap bergen grønt
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap bergen
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap brann skap pulver slukke tunnel
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap kai blå prominade
  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap stolpe mast

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