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Hydal ALX 2000 cabinet are developed with the objective of giving sensitive electronic equipment a dry and dust-free environment as well as a stable operating temperature.

The double walled construction gives a condense-free environment inside the cabinet. By natural convection the temperature is kept as stable as possible. If the installed equipment has high thermal loss, or if the cabinet is placed in extreme climatic conditions, additional insulation can be installed.  If necessary Hydal can provide integrated cooling solutions by use of either Air-condition units, heat-exchangers or a filter-fans.

You can choose among the following for your internal installation:

  • Mountingplate standard, and/or mountingplate in the sides
  • 19″/ETSI rack, justerbare
  • 19″/ETSI rack, swingframe
  • DIN rails, aluracks
  • Strong profileracks for transformers
  • Special mountingplates
  • Shelves


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Also see our gallery for further description of the variety of insallation options

  • Mountingplate standard, and/or mountingplate in the sides 04236-HY)
  • 19″/ETSI rack, justerbare (drawing no)
  • 19″/ETSI rack, swingframe (30174-HY)
  • DIN rails, aluracks (drawing no)
  • Strong profileracks for transformers 06476-HY
  • Special mountingplates 05420-HY
  • Shelves (04592-HY)


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The Hydal solution will provide a product that is maintenance free regarding the cabinet itself, thus maintenance can be reduced to concern the installed and critical equipment. This will give a low Life Cycle Cost. Turn-key solutions From several projects Hydal has the experience from delivering Turn-key solutions   In close cooperation with our customer we can deliver cabinets that contains among other things the following:

  • Cooling; Air-condition units or Heat-Exchangers
  • Electrical installation, power-supplies, batteries, distribution board, light, heat etc.
  • Cable glands and Cable ladders
  • 19″ or ETSI racks


Telecom cabinets, Signal-systems, Road cabinets, Power cabinets, Control cabinets, Basestations, Tunnelcabinets, Emergency cabinets, FFTH-cabinets, Nodecabinets


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Examples of applications

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  • dobbeltveggede aluminiumsskap stolpe mast

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